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About us

“Taste Herzegovina” is the first organization in Bosnia and Herzegovina which started dealing with valorization of typical and traditional products and a promotion of a regional approach to development of enogastronomic tourism back in 2006.

Association “Taste Herzegovina” was established thanks to efforts of a group of enthusiasts from Herzegovina with a goal to preserve traditional agricultural products, food and crafts and to promote the territory of Herzegovina. With its work, it made it possible for many farmers and craftsmen from the territory of Herzegovina to improve its working environment and production standards. This effort significantly contributed to valorisation of the cheese from sack from Herzegovina, cheese from Livno, poljak beans, wines Žilavka and Blatina and many other traditional and typical products. Initial activities developed by the establishment of a network of actors who operate in the territory of Herzegovina in one of domains of a rural development. Currently, among the members of “Taste Herzegovina” are numerous associations, cooperatives and other subjects which render the results of the Association’s operations more relevant (eg. Association for Business and Entrepreneurship LiNK, Association of Organic Producers Eco-Line, Association Herzegovinian Cheese from Sack, Association of Beekeepers Žalfija, Association of Producers of Cheese from Livno CINCAR etc.)

The Association is an active participant in domestic and foreign projects and, as an indispensable factor in this sector in the territory of Herzegovina, it sees its future in increasing its participation in projects supporting integrated rural development and in strengthening partnerships at state and international level.

Headquarters of the Association are in Mostar but its operations cover the whole region of Herzegovina. In order to commercialize, the Association established a limited liability company “Taste Herzegovina Ltd.” located in the old town of Mostar. Its objective is to facilitate the placement, availability and visibility of traditional products in the market.

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